One Quick look into the ID-Eye110   Fake ID Finder will show the hidden security features meant to be just below the  N.E.T. or NAKED EYE THERESHOLD. Authenticate the Document from Security features from any State!
Call TriCom 1-800-830-2225 for the STATE SECURITY FEATURES on your State Driver License, and the Location of each feature
The ID-eye110 reader Is made of a high strength Plastic and superior ID-Eye Powerfull 10XX Magnification,.. Plus 6 Led's to  enhanced Magnification Optics, makes Authentication of the Micro Printing & State Holograms easy. 
ID-Eye110 , going to be the Most Popular  Club  ID ,... UV detection Device !
EASY AAA Battery replacement and maintinance
With Naked Eye
With ID-Eye110
State and Local POLICE Special !!
Click here to See The FAKE FINDER UV - Dollor Bill checking device
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View - Micro Print or.... Holograms
MOST IMPORTANT !!.. There is a 8 to 10 inch
Focal Point View from your face ....NO need to hold up to your eye, you can keep your Eyes on the people around you !!
UV - and Mirco Print EXPOSED.
Driver License UV & Magnifier,. 

$79.00 / Special !

1. Logic Chip Controled.
2. Alternates between 6 LED's
3. Select UV 356 nm or
4. White Light or
5. Alternates in Automatic Mode, switching between surface white light to direct white light sources.

6. "USB" AAA needed.
7. AAA battery powered for Portable use.   (very small)
8. Wall Power ! (optional).
NEW !!
Bright UV LED Technology
Bright UV LED Technology
Every Club / BAR  needs the ID-eye 110
Dollar Bill Detection
Dollar Bill Detection