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About our handheld scanner history

San Pedro Harbor is the Home if TriCom  and the ID scanners designed by Corine Sanchez & Mark Baughm

Corporate Story

 TriCom is a Private company formed by Magnetic Card Reader professionals in 2001.  Today located on a hill above the San Pedro Harbor, west of Los Angeles. TriCom has a grand view of the Largest sea port in the world. An Iconic View of our Homeland security right at our back door.
Tricom owners,  have helped U.S. States from California to New Mexico, to Maryland decide
the Format of the Data on their State Drive License and ID Cards.
Then supplied thru unique design, Card reader/writers that produced the very License some of us still carry today.
From this In-depth 18 year experience in the Driver License card reader technology and markets,  TriCom owners and developers gained insight into a product that could have a dramatic impact on our society. 

TriCom,  designed the ID-e terminal, which has quickly become the most unique and most trusted Portable handheld Scanner on the market. Our customer 7-11 is Proof of this Claim in the fact  that  ID-e was the Only ID terminal recommended and promoted by 7-11 to it's  franchises. (NY.,PA.,NJ., CT,.) TriCom supplied ID Readers for the whole State of Virginia and many New York stores for 7-11 and the whole State of Oregon for  Circle-K Stores. TriCom has shipped over 15,000 id scanners for bars, developed an id scanner app and shipped over 240  scanners to one customer, TOWNPUMP inc. & Convenience Stores

 (Lucky-lils Casinos) in Montana.  Our terminal is the scanner of choice for ABC departments, Local Police officers and State run as well as private run retail business in all 50 States and Canada. 


 TriCom is one of the most "Patent Protected Companies" in the Age Verification market.  

Why Choose Us?

  Tricom is protected by Both it's own USA PATENTED HARDWARE
(ID-e) and Patents for the unique "Authenticating Software" inside.  TriCom must thank the many CUSTOMERS that purchased ID-e and helped TriCom survive to be the MOST TRUSTED names in Age Verification equipment today. 


Q: How do I order my ID Scanner? 

A: Contact us through phone (800-830-2225 ) to confirm your order.

Q: Is an ID Scanner really that important to my business?

A: Yes!! An ID Scanner can keep your business safe by figuring out who exactly is attending your business. Protect your business from underage drinking and false identities.