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Why do I need an ID Scanner?

Are you the owner or employee of a 

C-store, liquor store, medical marijuana dispensary, casino, restaurant, nightclub, or event venue? Well if you are, an ID Scanner can help you keep your business safe and secure. 

Our ID-e scanners will help you identify underage customers, expired licenses, or fraudulent ID's.

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ID Scanners

Lock out trouble with our ID scanners. Used in more C-stores, Grocery stores, Clubs and Casinos, than almost any ID scanner made today. For USA and Canada ID's. We help keep businesses safe and prevent underage drinking. Our use of advanced technology help our ID scanners read fast and accurate. ID-e reads almost any ID card to help "See" the "Age" or identify if it is fraudulent, expired, etc.

Feel safe.

Why Does Your Business Need a Scanner?

Thousands and thousand of fake ID's are used everyday by underage kids or people trying to fake an identity. It is extremely difficult to tell a real license from a fake one simply by looking at it. With our compact, hand held, ID Scanners, it makes business easier and safer for you! With one swipe you can keep your business safe as well as your community.


Quality Guaranteed

The world of business owning/operating is stressful enough, and even more stressful when you don't have top of the line security. Our goal is to Manufacture the highest-quality ID Scanners to help protect Your businesses. Our #1 goal is to let you feel more secure.

Certified by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Admin


ID-e Scanners -AAMVA- Tested

The ID-escanners have been tested and Certified by the  American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)  

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Winter Sale on now for the NEW  Age 21 smoking requirement. 

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Customers like 7-11 / CircleK / TownPump,..*over 100 Casino locations, USA & Canada, over 3000 C-stores...over 4000 Bars & Clubs     (*Est.)

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Feds,  order retailers to stop selling to under 21 age  but details on over-site are few.

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